About Us

Who are we

We are a couple of devoted outdoors friends that have previously traveled around most of Australia, Northern Europe, South East Asia, and the USA. Our purpose with this site is to provide you with the best information, reviews, buying guides, and other related information about Outdoors Living.


Freddie is our leading expert who has traveled most of the world. All from camping in the Outback in Australia to Northern Sweden. From extreme heat to extreme cold climates. He surely knows what you need to have the best experience out there.

What will we provide you with

  • Buying Guides
    • We will do guides on how to find the best items for your outdoors experience. From Tents, Fishing Equipment, and all other Camping Gears
  • Individual Item Reviews
    • We will do individual items reviews on camping and outdoors items
  • Tips and Advice
    • We want you to have the best experience outdoors. We will try to write everything we know, so you can take our expertise and apply it to your trips


We will never recommend something that we wouldn’t use or buy. We will always do thorough research of items, advice and every piece of content we produce. If we don’t like an item, we will not post that item here, or we will clearly state that we do not promote it.

Programs and Links

We will mostly use Amazon to promote items. That means that we will earn a commission if you buy things from that link. That revenue will only be used to produce more content

Our Goal

The goal and purpose of this website are to provide you with the best information. But also to improve our knowledge by doing all the research for you.


You can always contact us whenever you want, and no question will be left unanswered. If you have tips or any advice, maybe you want us to provide research on a particular topic. Just hit us up in our Contact Us page and we will do our best

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