Stop Freezing with The Best Zero Degree Sleeping Bags

When you think about camping or hiking trips, the first thing that comes into mind is accessories. A warm sleeping bag is a must-have whether you are going into woods or hiking in the mountains. 

Zero degree sleeping bags are those that keep you warm even in the coldest temperatures. However, the market is full of different choices. Choosing the right one with enough warmth to protect you from the freezing temperatures, but also, finding one with enough comfort and size, is not an easy task

What you need to consider when purchasing a zero-degree sleeping bag is the filament it utilizes for insulation. The value-added features it offers, the quality of the fabric, the size, and the weight is also important factors. We have in this article provided our research on how to find the best suitable sleeping bag. Continue reading, and we will guide you through each step.

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ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Lae

Runner Up


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Hyke & Byke Snowmass

Most Affordable Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Windy Pass

Best Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Hyke & Byke Eolus

Best Sleeping Bag Overall

Big Agnes Orno 0 Ultralight

Best Sleeping Bag for Women

Marmot Ouray Women's Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bag for Camping

Browning Camping McKinley

ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Lake 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

0-Degree Sleeping Bag
0-Degree Sleeping Bag

This bag comes with TechLoft+ insulation that allows for maximum warmth to keep you warm enough in the cold and harsh weather. The bag is lofty and compact, offering a great camping or hiking experience.

It does not take up considerable space in your backpack. It is available in multiple sizes so that you can choose the bag according to your height. It is a mummy shaped bag that ensures more exceptional warmth and comfort night out.

The design is made up of two durable layers of fabric that do not let the cold in. It also comes with value-added features like an insulated chest and zipper baffle that keeps your chest and neck warm enough during the night.

It’s a top-quality, sturdy bag that comes at an affordable price that offers a good value for money and a 4.4-star rating on Amazon that makes it a considerable choice.

  • Baffles and Drawstring
  • Relatively lower price than its competitors
  • Compact
  • Weight

TETON Sports ALTOS Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports ALTOS Mummy Sleeping Bag
Mummy Sleeping Bag

The bag is an ideal zero-degrees sleeping bag for camping and hiking. The price is affordable, and it comes with several different features that will distinguish it from an ordinary sleeping bag.

It is a comfortable mummy-shaped sleeping bag filled with down-like Spectrum S fibers that will keep you warm efficiently. The bag is lightweight and designed to provide enough room for your shoulder and legs. It has a built-out foot box that offers more room for your feet.

The bag has a sturdy construction that is tear-resistant and has a long life. It has a soft nylon lining that adds into the warmth of this sleeping bag. The bag is super-light and compact enough to carry on your trips easily.

You will get a compression sack that works great for stuffing your bag into, the benefits of that is that you don’t need to roll up your bag. The bag is armed with a handy zipper pocket to keep your keys or phone in and a hood that contours your face.

  • Three-piece hood
  • Spectrum S Fibers
  • Compress the bag in a sack
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Built-out foot box
  • Sometimes you need to adjust the bag if you feel cold during the night

Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0 Degree Bag

Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0 Degree Bag
Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0 Degree Bag

Hyke and Byke is a renowned brand manufacturing high-quality sleeping bags that are tested by third parties and IDFL certified.

It is a durable and sturdy sleeping bag that comes with a lifetime warranty. This bag also has water-resistant technology that lets you enjoy your camping experience to the best. Compact enough to save space and lightweight.

This sleeping bag utilizes the ClusterLoft technology for suitable insulation and warmth in the cold nights. It has HydroPhobic down insulation that does not absorb water and keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the night.

The fabric will trap your body heat, which allows for better warmth during your sleep. It is a lightest mummy-shaped sleeping bag extremely suitable for hiking and camping. You can choose between three different sizes depending on your height. It also comes with a built-out foot box that allows you to move your feet more comfortable.

It also contains value-added features like sturdy anti-snag zippers, horizontal baffles, and compression stuff sack. The bag also has enough room for carrying your favorite blanket, pillow, and pad with you.

  • Ultra-light water repellent material
  • ClusterLoft Technology that enables excellent insulation
  • Lots of value-added features
  • Three Standard sizes
  • Zippers have a record of getting stuck

Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag
Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

It’s a long-length mummy-shaped sleeping bag that ensures warmth and higher insulation protecting you from the cold. On top of that, it utilizes non-allergic Omega II fibers with offset quilt construction to capture warmth.

It also has a drawstring hood that covers your head up, providing extra warmth. A two-way zipper is added to ensure enough venting.

  • Affordable price
  • Omega II fibers
  • Weight
  • Size

Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree Bag – Designed for Backpacking

0 Degree Bag - Designed for Backpacking
0 Degree Bag – Designed for Backpacking

This model is specifically designed to save space. They are compact enough to carry during traveling, conveniently. The sleeping bag utilizes a revolutionary Hydrophobic 800 FP Goose Down with ClusterLoft base.

ClusterLoft functions better than down for insulation, durability, and compression. It provides excellent moisture resistance. Although it utilizes synthetic filling, it is closest to the natural down filling that offers more exceptional warmth and insulation.

The sleeping bag is spacious enough that you can keep your pad, your fleece, and pillow with you. It is available in 3 standard sizes. You can choose the one that suits your height the best.

It also comes with a built-out foot box, snag-free velcro, drawstring, vertical baffles, and compression stuff sack.

  • Ultra-light water repellent material
  • ClusterLoft base
  • Value-added features
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Perfect for Backpacking
  • History of leaking feathers and down can evacuate the baffling areas in some cases

Big Agnes Orno 0 Ultralight Down

Big Agnes Orno 0 Ultralight Down
Big Agnes Orno 0 Ultralight Down

This bag is the top of the line model, which is an ultra-lightweight mummy-shaped bag and has excellent thermal insulation featuring body-mapped baffles that increase insulation effectively.

It comes with a 3-D anti-snag draft tube that prevents heat loss from the zipper. It has vertically structured sidewalls with contoured baffles that traps body heat for a more extended period and keeps your body warm even at the cold temperature.

The contoured hood will form around your head to provide more exceptional warmth. It has an oversized draft collar that gives comfort to your neck and shoulder, and the ergonomic foot box will offer more loft and warmth.

The 850 fill Downtek water-resistant down filling upholds insulation even in the presence of moisture. The nylon ripstop shell has water repellent technology that never absorbs water keeps you dry and comfortable.

  • 850 fill Downtek water-resistant down filling
  • Super-light sleeping bag
  • Built-out Ergonomic foot box
  • Contoured hood that covers your head
  • No compression sack included

Marmot Ouray Women’s Sleeping Bag

Marmot Ouray Women's Sleeping Bag
Marmot Ouray Women’s Sleeping Bag

This bag is specially made for women, and it has a substantially insulated down that has water-resistant technology. It is constructed of ripstop fabric with a durable water repellent finish for added protection against moisture and condensation. The mummy-shaped bag includes a sizeable built-out foot box.

The bag is designed to trap heat to keep you warm for a longer time during cold nights. It contains a zipper with an anti-snag insulated draft tube for trapping the air. It also includes a hood that can be fixed down when you are feeling extra cold.

It’s designed for the body shape of women, which will make it a perfect choice for all the ladies. The bag is super-compact and ultra-light, which makes it suitable for the ladies to carry it easily during hiking.

  • Designed for women
  • Sturdy Ripstop fabric
  • Anti-snag insulated draft tube that traps the warm air
  • No straps on the compression sack

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag
Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley has a core objective to create sleeping bags that provide full functionality at an affordable price, and they have reasonably been succeeded in manufacturing so.

The outer layer of this model is made of robust and long-lasting 210T nylon diamond ripstop fabric that is combined with a Brushed polyester liner. The inner layer is filled with the 7 Deniers TechLoft Silver insulation.

The bag has an insulated chest and zipper baffle with two-layer construction that effectively traps heat and keeps you warm for a longer time during cold temperatures. However, the bag is quite heavy and not easy to carry.

Despite a lot of extra features it offers, it is something that reduces its value because weight is something you must consider while buying a sleeping bag.

  • Affordable price
  • Quality materials
  • Anti-snag insulated draft tube that traps the warm air
  • Large and bulky
  • Weight
  • Not easy to carry

Guide to finding the perfect Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

There are a few factors you must keep in mind while buying a zero degrees sleeping bag. Because buying the right bag does not only ensure safety but will also improve the overall experience when you are out in the wild.

You must consider in which weather you are going to use the bag in since most only work down to a certain degree. The type and size of the bag are also essential. You wouldn’t want to carry around a bag that is too large.

Other aspects as well are how much warmth it will provide, the fill power, and water-repellent technology. So, here is our detailed research to help you out.


The most important thing to consider while buying a sleeping bag is the weather you are going to use it in. Sleeping bags come in several sizes and shapes that you will decide upon according to the weather.

You might be going camping in summers or hiking in winter. However, the most suitable zero degree bags are mummy-shaped, which makes you feel cozy and warm, even in the coldest winter. They will also be ideal if in summer temperatures.


How much warmth it will provide is another essential factor to consider while buying a sleeping bag. The bag should be warm enough to offer you enough comfort during frosty nights. If your bag is not warm enough, you will not be able to get that well-deserved rest and also risk frostbites, and other injuries.  

Down Fill Power

The down fill power means the quality of the down. The higher the number is, the higher will be the insulation power in a sleeping bag. However, more fill power doesn’t need to mean that I will provide more warmth than one with less fill power. The sleeping bags with the more down fill power are more expensive than the ones having the lesser figures, which is something to take into consideration.


The most suitable shape in such cold weather is the mummy shape. The mummy-shaped bags are warmer and require less fabric and insulation. They are compact; however, you cannot move in these bags easily.

Few semi-rectangular sleeping bags are also providing you enough warmth at 0-degree temperature. However, they are larger enough that you can move in the bag. They are rectangular-shaped and take more space and weight.

Few bags are zippers that contain a zip to allow adequate ventilation. They give you a choice of whether to get entirely packed into a fully zipped bag or to unzip it at your convenience.

Down quilts are also popular types among sleeping bag users. They provide a high warmth-to-weight ratio; however, they are better to be used when the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.


Weight is another critical factor that considerately affects your backpack. During any outdoor activity, your pack may contain many accessories that are necessary to carry. It may be a sleeping bag or a shelter.

The backpack has its weight as well, so you will have to decide for the right sleeping bag that not only provides warmth and comfort but also has a reasonable weight that is easy to carry during the entire journey.

Fill Material

There are two types of fill material in the sleeping bags, down and synthetic material. Down insulation is more popular than the synthetic one and also more expensive. They have a long life and a better warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetic material.

Synthetic sleeping bags weigh more and are bigger than the down material that compresses more. They are affordable and are more effective when wet.

Bag Length

Bag length is another vital factor. It would be best if you chose the bag’s length according to your height.

Bag’s width

Mummy bags are of lesser width, but if you choose a quilt, it comes in many sizes you can select according to your needs. If you don’t have any issue with limited space inside the bag, then you can also buy a mummy bag. However, we prefer choosing Quilt sleeping bags as they are more comfortable when it comes to the bag’s width.


When you go shopping, the first thing you ensure is the durability and quality of the product. The bag should be strong enough to withstand weather and wind. It should also be made of proper quality fabrics so you can use it for an extended time.

Value-Added Features

Here are a few extra features that offer great value for the money you spend on buying a suitable sleeping bag.

Durable Water Repellent

While choosing a sleeping bag, it is essential to know whether they are water repellent or not. Durable water repellent bags do not absorb the water, and instead, the water will slide off the material.

It is an extra protective layer that prevents the bag from getting wet and wear-off by the time. However, you can restore that layer by washing the sleeping bag with products like Nikwax Down Proof™.

Draft Collar

As you are going to buy a zero-degree sleeping bag for the cold weather, the draft collar is a must-have element in the ideal sleeping bag. It is an insulated tube that covers your chest and neck. Few sleeping bags also offer another draft collar that covers your shoulder and neck from the back.

Zipper Draft Tubes

The zipper draft tubes prevent the cold air from entering into your bag and also prevent your legs from touching the icy zip. A sleeping bag may have one or two zipper draft tubes.

Snag Free Zipper

The side zipper’s teeth may tear off your bag’s material affecting its insulation. The snag-free zippers are those that do not tear-off the bag’s

‘fabric because a sturdy fabric border covers them.

Continuous baffles

These are the fabric separators that allow effective insulation.

Partial length zippers

The bag may have a partial length zipper. They do have limited uses, but they limit the venting routes.


Your bag may have a built-in pocket that will help you to place an important thing like your cell phone in the bag.

So, here was a detailed buying guide that will help you to decide which type and shape of the bag you need the most. You must go for the one that fulfills your needs appropriately in your budget and offers a good value for money.

Summing Up

Camping outdoors is a fun and rewarding activity, but that involves that you own a good and warm sleeping bag.

If you buy a sleeping bag that falls short in providing the necessary warmth and insulation during the cold nights, you will not only get enough sleep, but there is a risk of injuries, like frostbite.

That is why we brought this detailed buying guide and a few of our favorite models. We hope this can help you to decide which sleeping bag to buy and what are necessary factors that should consider.

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Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0 Degree Bag

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